You bought the big camera and a couple of lenses and well, what now??  How about a class to discover the buttons and dials and bizarre language of the DSLR?

We'll spend 6 hours (three, 2 hour sessions) working through some basics and finding purpose for your new gadgets.  There'll be some homework assignments and lots of information to come ready to take notes and ask alot of questions.

  • A minimum of 5 students makes a class.  If you sign up and the class doesn't 'make', your $$ will be refunded. 

  • We'll meet on Tuesday evenings from 6 till 8, three Tuesdays in a row.

  • Bring your DSLR camera and other gear.  Please, no 'point and shoot' or phone cameras....this is serious business here :)

  • Bring a cushion as our folding chairs might leave a flat spot and make your jeans fit funny.

  • Click the 'Let's do this' button to find a starting date that works for you. (You'll have to click 'Photography Classes' too.)