Jennifer Colby

Creel is a wonderful teacher! He uses wit along with technical teaching to provide students with all of the information they need to become photographers themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed Creel's classes, for both the education and entertainment he provided!

Jason Pierce, Photographer

Creel is an incredibly talented photographer and instructor. His knowledge of lighting and posing is the best I have ever seen. He is a very creative photographer who thinks well on his feet and he is a brilliant teacher to aspiring photographers.

Jacquelin Tucker
I was able to attend one of Creel’s Lessons today and I have to say Creel was great , very welcoming , informative and made learning about studio lighting so Much  fun. I loved the studio as well. Thank you Creel.

Christi Jones

Finding Creel and taking one on one photography instruction from him is the very best thing I have ever done as a photographer. He is an extremely knowledgeable, excellent, and patient teacher as well as being very friendly and open to questions. His love for people, photography, and teaching is evident and I am so incredibly excited about his upcoming classes!

Frank Beling
This is a great community studio. They have plenty of stands/booms/equipment and they also have lights and modifiers available to use. Several areas to shoot in with some great backgrounds and props.

They have Bluetooth and speakers set up so you can play music in the studio while you shoot (may not sound like a big deal but can actually really help the energy and vibe while you are shooting). Oh and they also have an infinity wall, which is awesome!

Deshawna Willis

........With Creel, he kept checking in, he kept pouring in. I kept coming back for more classes, he kept giving me more and more and more and more. So, I have been able to evolve from being a smalltime, doing family photos and that kind of thing, to growing to be a birth photographer where I was in the hospital and delivery room for a lot of clients. And now I'm actually all the way relocated to Orlando, Florida where I am now a Disney Fine Arts photographer. So I do weddings, the Cinderella storybook weddings, take pictures of Mickey Mouse. It is so much fun and I have only Creel to thank. So again, if you're even thinking about picking up a camera or learning some new techniques, go to Creel. He's the one who's going to get you there.

Abraham Farrar
Edmond Photo is a studio you can call your own! When I use this space I feel as though my clients are walking into MY studio. The infinity wall is amazing and there are many other backgrounds to choose from as well as everything else you might need. It really is a great place to place to bring your clients to that is professional and feels like your own place.

We've got the Goods!

Strobes, Constant Lights, Modifiers, Stands, Booms, V-Flats and on and on.

Every session comes with expert advice, training, and assistance. 

Along with that, here's a list of available gear.

  • Seamless paper with roller system*

  • Wall booms and stand booms

  • Multiple light stands and backdrop stands.

  • 8 White Lightning Strobes

  • Trigger systems for all cameras

  • Lighting modifiers from 72" PLM to focused spot.  Dozens of options.

  • 'Wall of Light'

  • LED Constant lights with modifiers

  • Ring strobe with moon modifier.

  • 2 V-flat sets in white and black

  • Reflectors in white/silver/gold

  • Negative lighting tools

  • Adjustable fan

  • Tripods -  video and still

  • 50" display

  • Working table

  • Rolling table

  • Tools

* Seamless paper usage fee of $22 per rollout. Check in advance for color and quantity.