We've got the Goods!

Strobes, Constant Lights, Modifiers, Stands, Booms, V-Flats and on and on.

Every session comes with expert advice, training, and assistance. 

Along with that, here's a list of available gear.

  • Seamless paper with roller system*

  • Wall booms and stand booms

  • Multiple light stands and backdrop stands.

  • 8 White Lightning Strobes

  • Trigger systems for all cameras

  • Lighting modifiers from 72" PLM to focused spot.  Dozens of options.

  • 'Wall of Light'

  • LED Constant lights with modifiers

  • Ring strobe with moon modifier.

  • 2 V-flat sets in white and black

  • Reflectors in white/silver/gold

  • Negative lighting tools

  • Adjustable fan

  • Tripods -  video and still

  • 50" display

  • Working table

  • Rolling table

  • Tools

* Seamless paper usage fee of $22 per rollout. Check in advance for color and quantity.