About this Goofball...

Hey there, I'm Creel McFarland and I LOVE all things photography.  Shooting, posing, planning, styling, retouching, teaching, product production....All of it!

  I've been at it for a couple of decades and it still gets me out of bed in the morning with confidence and anticipation...maybe now more than ever.  

Tens of thousands of photography sessions and styling consultations have taught me that every person, little or big, has a defining story to tell.  I get to shine a little light on the pages of life stories most every day.  It's an honor and a treat.

Looking around I noticed the portrait photography market has flip-flopped again and again over the past few years.  Technology is sparking all sorts of artistic algorithms that never existed before, and social media is begging for timely, quality content. 


In steps Edmond Photo....a Community Photography and Videography resource.

Spaces to shoot in, spaces to meet in, spaces to capture sound and video in, spaces for preparations and classes.  These all add space in our minds for creativity.  

Come by and visit, take a tour, take a class, book a space, and create something beautiful.